"The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few."  Matthew 9:37


Harvest North America

March 2018


  • Please pray for the finances needed for the RTN/ HNA Spring 2018 projects.
  • Please pray for all the efforts in enlisting churches across the USA to be a part of a Church Growth Project.
  • Please pray for the HNA Board of Directors and Staff.
  • As always, please pray for the continued strength, encouragement, and support of Harvest North America.
  • Many of us have friends and family with special health challenges.  Please pray for our Partners in the Gospel that God will meet them right at the point of their need.


Thank you for all of your fervent prayers!

March 10th -14th, 2018 HNA will be working side by side with Southwestern Seminary in their annual Revive This Nation effort! We prayed for our participation in our 2017 pilot projects in the VA. and CA. churches last year. We asked God to let that opportunity be the beginning of many combined efforts with Southwestern Seminary in the coming years. We see God opening doors and opportunities with other Seminaries as we continue to take one step at a time and follow Him.

On February 10, we did our first (ever) Simulcast. Jim and I participated in the training and we left there wondering if we had communicated. Thank you for your many prayers as it seems we did communicate!! We already know some things we need to do different, but in God’s mercy, those who participated with us live, got it. For those who could not be a part of the Simulcast, we were able to send a recorded session and materials to help them.

On February 12, HNA had a dinner for the RTN preachers going to the churches. It was hosted at the Seminary and was a great time. It was a blessing to have George and Violet Corker, HNA Board Members, join us for the dinner! At one point in all of our discussion I think George summed it up when he asked, “Do you know how many years we have been praying for this?” And as you who have been praying for many years know, God’s timing is perfect! Praise His Name!

Please be in prayer for the young 25-year-old preacher, Corey Woodard, who was assigned to Chester Baptist Church in Chester, CA. Corey had a stroke this week and as the doctors continue to figure out why it happened and what to do about further damage, please join us in praying for him.

The Pastor of Chester Baptist Church has been so excited about the RTN/HNA project and we have been in close contact since day one! Pastor Hanna knew about Corey before we did and he called and asked me to come preach the RTN/HNA Revival. All the SWBTS preachers had been assigned and Dr. Daniel Dickard ask me to go. All that said, Carolyn and I will be on the field in Chester, CA. Dr. Dickard said this did not take God by surprise. And we know that is true. So please pray for us as we go and that people will be saved and our God will be honored.

Thank you so much for being our partner in the Gospel and for always praying for HNA and the work to be done. We are so blessed to have a prayer team who we can count on!

His Love and Blessings,
Doyle and Carolyn Enloe

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