Newsletter – Harvest North America


May 2018

HNA Prayer Requests


¨ Please Pray for HNA and SWBTS as we strategize to make our work together in future RTN projects more efficient.

 ¨ Please pray for the health and needs of the HNA Board of Directors.

 ¨ As always please pray for the continued strength, encouragement and support of Harvest North America.

 ¨ Please pray for what God has in store for HNA in 2018!

¨ Many of us have friends and family with special health challenges, please pray for our Partners in the Gospel, that God will meet them right at the point of their need.

Thanks for all of your fervent prayers!

God Continues to Answer Our Faithful Prayers

“Be still, and know that I am God;…”

As we begin the month of May, we have some exciting news to share about the sovereignty of God and His timing!

How long have we waited and prayed for our God to open doors that man could not shut? The faithfulness of your prayers and giving has never wavered due to your strong faith in God and His timing. And, He is doing all the things we have fervently asked for!

Jim Gregory and I had an appointment at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, May 2nd, with Dr. Page Patterson, Dr. Kyle Walker, and Dr. Daniel Dickard. The meeting was to evaluate our involvement with RTN this past March and to see where we would go from here.

As you read in the last letter, HNA participated in 22 of the 100 Churches that were a part of SWBTS’s “Revive This Nation” project. Not sure how in- depth the participations were but, non the less, what SWBTS saw was that more than 50% of the salvations came out of the churches Harvest North America worked with. To God be the Glory!!! Our God set in place and opened a door for HNA that was remarkable!

The meeting became not if we would work with SWBTS but how we could make it even better!

Wow!!! This takes our work to a whole new level. Churches that worked with us through RTN, have prepared teams that can participate in Church to Church projects outside of RTN. This increases our enlistment opportunities and much more! Our God knows all things!

Please continue to pray for God’s protection on SWBTS and Harvest North America because we know we are absolutely on the front lines and our enemy doesn’t like it! Pray for our Board and their families, the staff of SWBTS and all for our faithful partners in the Gospel, you!!!

In closing Carolyn and I would like to wish all the Mothers a Happy Mother’s Day!  You are God’s gift to  the family! May His Blessings strengthen you as your love strengthens each of us!

His Blessings and Love,
Doyle and Carolyn