"The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few."  Matthew 9:37


Harvest North America

November 2017


  • Please pray for the finances needed for the RTN/ HNA Spring 2018 projects.
  • Please pray for all the efforts in enlisting churches across the USA to be a part of a Church Growth Project.
  • Please pray for the HNA Board of Directors and Staff.
  • As always, please pray for the continued strength, encouragement, and support of Harvest North America.
  • Many of us have friends and family with special health challenges.  Please pray for our Partners in the Gospel that God will meet them right at the point of their need.


Thank you for all of your fervent prayers!

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, Carolyn and I want to wish you a blessed time with family and friends as each of us reflect on the many blessings that are ours.

Ephesians 3:20 " Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us".

As you read this letter we are just completing a Harvest Project in Shenandoah, VA! We can't wait to share with you what God has done and is doing at Shenandoah Baptist Church!

This year the Ministry of HNA has been blessed and challenged in ways that will change the dynamics of how we reach the USA with the Gospel. Amazing how much God loves us and how His timing is everything.

As we move forward with the RTN/HNA project for March, 2018 we now have 11 churches who have requested to work with Harvest North America! Timing!!!

1. FBC of Woodsfield, Woodsfield, OH
2. Walker Baptist Church, Coleville, CA
3. Mill Swamp Baptist Church, Ivor, VA
4. Dunkirk Baptist Church, Dunkirk, MD
5. Bethel Baptist Church, Billings, MT
6. Chester Baptist Church, Chester, CA
7. Bethel Baptist Church, Trenton, FL
8. Iron City Baptist Church, Iron City, GA
9. First Southern Baptist Church, Winton, CA
10. New Hope Baptist Church, Grandview, IN
11. Central Baptist Church, Williamsburg, OH

This is a God size vision and a tremendous opportunity! Please pray with us for the finances we need to provide materials, on-site training(sending an HNA Trainer to each church field) and administrative support for these churches as they go through their project!

Again we want to say how Thankful we are that God has placed you smack dab in the middle of this work! You are truly a blessing to Harvest North America and to us.

In His Love,
Doyle and Carolyn

"When God gives a vision to a person or organization, total dependence and reliance upon Him are required in order to fulfill that calling. This is because the magnitude of a vision from God can be achieved only with His resources and ability..." Rev. Mark Hiehle wrote this about the Pregnancy Crisis support Center in Nashville, TN.



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